Success Point Academy is the best class. Here my son received one to one attention and was made very comfortable to ask doubts and understand the concepts very well. The team is of dedicated and expert teachers in their respective fields. Classes were always scheduled on time. Portion was completed within time frame. All the tests, attendance and performance reports were sent on a regular basis. Parent teacher meetings were held at regular intervals, to make us understand our ward's progress and scope of improvement. As a parent I was confident about my child’s success at Success Point Academy. Thanks to their efforts & support to my son.
Mr. Nelson Lobo Father of Aaron Lobo
Computer Engineering
Don Bosco college of Engineering,Mumbai.

I, Sneha Korla am an ex-student of Success Point Academy who finds myself lucky to be joined with such a great team of teachers and staff. I have found Parag Sir’s team as a candle who have always lightened my way in my dark times. Their presence have always helped me learn something new and encouraged me during my tough period. Parag Sir and his team had taken up the challenge of completing the entire portion with proper revision and test series, which lifted me up to appreciable marks because of which now, I can proudly say that, I am into a good college doing Computer Engineering . I believe that it takes a big heart to shape up small minds. This quote according to me suits best to the teachers of Success Point Academy . “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learnings.” Lastly I would from the bottom of my heart lay a big thank you to Parag Sir whose patience, hard work , knowledge, expertise, grace and thoughtfulness has always helped and encouraged me to great extent for the world Parag Sir may be just a teacher but for me he is a star whose brightness have brightened my future. This quote fits best for Parag Sir , “A truly great mentor is hard to find difficult to part with and impossible to forget.”
Sneha Korla
Computer Engineering
Shah & Anchor college of Engineering

“My journey in SPA has been awesome. The faculty members here are very supportive and helpful. One to one attention on doubts and concept building helped me to understand the core of the subjects. I'm very thankful to SPA family for taking me few more steps closer to my dream”.
Ankit Mishra
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
LR Tiwari College of Engineering Mumbai.

In my experience till now SPA is one of best classes I've ever been to.The one thing unique about SPA is that the teachers here are very interactive and Friendly. A person who dosesn't have his/her basics cleared need not worry any more because of the extra attention given by the faculty when needed.The another best thing is that student can be very casual.
Student - Computer Engineering
Don Bosco College,Mumbai

I highly recommend Success Point for it is like a real ladder to achieve success. Parag sir’s team have always been driven to develop and motivate my daughter’s skills during these past two years. The teachers were able to connect and were able to explain advanced topics with simplicity. The online class along with practice and testing assignments have been really helpful for achieving good scores for my daughter. I can’t thank Parag sir and his team enough for all his hard work, patience and guidance.
Kavita Joshi
United States of America